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Ceramic artists from Uzbekistan to visit Alfred University School of Art & Design

Four ceramic artists from Uzbekistan will tour Alfred University’s School of Art & Design Thursday, Sept. 14, as part of federal Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program.

Dean Leslie Bellavance said she was contacted by Josephine Perini, director of the International Visitor Leadership Program in Rochester, and asked to arrange a visit to the School of Art & Design’s ceramic art facilities, considered to be among the best in the nation. (For more about the facilities, see:

The tour will begin with stops at the Inamori Museum of Fine Ceramics and the Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art, both located in Binns-Merrill Hall. Susan Kowalczyk, collections manger, will conduct that portion of the tour.

Professor John Gill, chair of the Division of Ceramic Art, and members of the Clay Collective, a group of student artists, will lead the tour of the ceramic teaching facilities in Harder Hall.

The facilities are used by students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs in ceramic arts. Alfred’s MFA program is consistently ranked number one in the nation by US News and World Report.

The Uzbekistan visitors will include:

Inom Ablakulov, a ninth-generation master ceramist carrying on his family’s tradition of creating pieces representative of Urgut ceramics, which are known for their brown-glaze technique and screeching method. Ablakulov said he is interested in meeting master ceramists and ceramist association representatives to learn about historical and modern ceramic arts education.

Odilbeck Matchanov, a multi-generational master ceramist trained by his father who has a specialized knowledge of traditional Khorezm ceramics, which are noted for their geometrical and floral ornaments. Matchanov has made a large contribution to the restoration of architectural monuments and their ceramic ornaments. During the course of his visit to the U.S., Matchanov would like to explore arts education and training, and hopes to establish exchange programs with ceramic associations.

Alisher Rakhimov, sixth-generation master ceramist trained by his father and grandfather. Drawing upon their experiences, Rakhimov has worked on historical chronicles of Uzbek pottery art. He created a series of wares, glossy ceramics of the Kushn, Samanids and Temurids periods. The Rakhimov family presents regular exhibitions based on traditional designs and techniques. They also operate a school for students from different regions of Uzbekistan. His goal for his visit is to meet with master potters and art historians, and visit studios and museums.

Firdavs Yusupov, a multi-generational ceramist who also trained with his father, maintains a studio in Rishtan, one of Uzbekistan’s largest ceramic centers, well-known for using blue and white glazes. Yusupov creates works in the traditional Rishtan style, which began in the 15th century, based on Chinese porcelains and incorporating traditional motifs and ornaments.

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