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'TableSpace' opens Oct. 14 at Fosdick-Nelson Gallery

Mark Pharis, 'Stacked Plates,' 2010, earthenware, 11

Mark Pharis, 'Stacked Plates,' 2010, earthenware, 11

"TableSpace," an exhibition of ceramics featuring artists working in North America, Europe and the Far East, will be on display at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, School of Art & Design at Alfred University (AU), Oct. 14-Dec. 1.

The opening reception will be held from 7-9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, in the gallery, located in Harder Hall on the Alfred University campus.

Co-curators for the exhibition are Linda Sikora, professor in the Division of Ceramic Art at Alfred University, and, Albion Stafford, who earned his BFA in 1999 and an MFA in 2007 from the School of Art & Design at AU and is now assistant professor at Illinois State University Normal.

Andrea Gill, professor of ceramic art at AU and a 1976 alumna with an MFA degree, is organizing accompanying artist/scholar presentations being planned for Nov. 8-10.

Exhibiting artists include three Alfred University alumni: Andy Brayman (USA), ’98; Lisa Orr (USA), ’92; and Robert Sutherland (USA), ’01, as well as Paul Eshelmann (USA), Tomoo Hamada (Japan), Sarah Jaeger (USA), Ole Jensen (Denmark), Paul Katula (USA), Sandy Simon (USA), Sonngard Marcks (Germany), Mark Pharis (USA), Kari Radish (USA), Sam Uhlick (Canada), and Takeshi Yasuda (UK, Jingdezhen-PRC).

"The Fosdick Nelson Gallery and the Division of Ceramic Arts are excited to present this exhibition representing a cross-section of current ceramic work that addresses the subject of function, and through this, implicates the site of ‘table’ or other like situations," said Sikora.

"Within this realm of ceramic work, there is a notable broadening of approaches to studio practice," said Sikora. "This broadening, a beacon for us as the exhibition’s curators, is fueled by a multiplicity of factors. Examples include: re-invigorated or expanded technical approaches including digital tools; enlivened traditions of model/mold making and object design; global exchanges connecting artists to cultures, skilled labor and industry; new models for sustainable studio processes; and, new models for sustainable careers. Dynamic and fluid, this point in time is noteworthy for its confluence of aesthetic and conceptual attitudes towards practice and output.
"While the exhibition is showing only 14 artists, these individuals represent some of the most vibrant practitioners working with ceramic today. It is our hope that this sampling of work will render visible a landscape of current practice - not to be read as a single commentary or perspective but rather to suggest, observe and question the multiplicity of ‘contemporary’ in this longstanding pursuit of making for ‘TableSpace’," Sikora added.

The artists:

Andy Brayman ‘98 combines traditional ceramic craft with industrial processes and contemporary strategies to create decorative and functional pottery. Brayman is the founder of The Matter Factory, a collaborative workspace for ceramic objects in Kansas City. He holds a BA in sociology and a BFA in ceramics from the University of Kansas as well as an MFA in Ceramics from Alfred.

Paul Eshelman creates elegant, functional pottery that is largely influenced by Japanese and Chinese craft, the utilitarianism of the American Shakers, contemporary architecture and the practicality of his home state of Iowa. He holds an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Tomoo Hamada is a Japanese ceramic artist represented by the Pucker Gallery. Hamada comes from a family of potters, with his father and grandfather both prominent in Japanese pottery. Hamada uses traditional methods to create decorative stoneware in complex shapes and designs.

Sarah Jaeger is a studio potter whose porcelain work is featured in public and private collections as well as kitchens throughout the country. Jaeger’s work emphasizes usefulness and a sense of volume, and she believes that the beauty of pottery is in its functionality in everyday life. She received a BA in English literature from Harvard and a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Ole Jensen is a ceramist and designer from Copenhagen, Germany. He was educated at The Arts and Crafts College in Kolding, Denmark and has had his ceramic works exhibited in galleries across Europe.

Paul Kotula ’89 is an assistant professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Michigan State University. His pottery emphasizes the sustenance of core human needs and interaction in a post-digital society, and he aims to explore the spheres in which his objects exist. Kotula holds an MFA in Ceramics from Alfred University.

Sonngard Marcks is a German ceramist whose work mainly features unusually designed tableware such as tea and coffee pots, intending to bring poetry and ornamentation into everyday life. Marcks studied at the School of Industrial Design in Giebichenstein.

Gary Noffke is a metalsmith known for his jewelry, hollowware and flatware exploring surface, form and function. He has received accolades for his technical metalworking skills, hot forging research and development of numerous alloys. Noffke received his BS and MS from Eastern Illinois University and his MFA from Southern Illinois University.

Lisa Orr ’92 creates functional, creative tableware inspired by traditional porcelain dinnerware and Mexican earthenware. Orr teaches, lectures and shows her work nationally. She holds an MFA from Alfred.

Mark Pharis is a ceramic artist and professor in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. Pharis’s work focuses on functional clay vessels, exploring the boundaries of the framework of functional pottery. Pharis studied ceramics at the University of Minnesota.

Kari Radasch is a studio potter in Maine whose ceramic art has been featured in galleries nationwide. Radasch has also been a visiting artist at several prominent ceramics colleges. She holds a BFA in ceramics from the Maine College of Art and an MFA in ceramics from the University of Nebraska.

Sandy Simon is a potter at TRAX, the ceramics gallery she owns and operates in Calfiornia. Her porcelain and white ware works emphasize comfortable and interesting form and gesture. She studied at the University of Minnesota.

Rob Sutherland ’01 is a ceramist who lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. He has been active in building community and neighborhoods by connecting individuals and renovating properties that have become homes and studios for artists moving into the city.

Sam Uhlick creates functional pottery and relief tiles, emphasizing feel, form and color and the beauty in function. Uhlick studied at the Banff Centre and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Takeshi Yasuda is a Japanese potter based in Britain who works primarily with ash-glazed stoneware and celadon-glazed porcelain. He trained at the Daisei-Gama Pottery in Mashiko, Japan and has held teaching positions in art schools across Europe.

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