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2012 Reunion: Bikers from Mars!

The 2012 Bike trip to the Alfred University Reunion will start in Mars! (Mars, PA, that is, a suburb of Pittsburgh).

Mitchell Cohen, '77, David Conrad '76, Roger Eiss '58, and Jim Randall '77 have selected Mars as the starting point of this Reunion bike trip.

Past Alfred University Reunion bike trips have crossed the Poconos for ('03 and '08 Reunions), the Catskills ('10) and the Adirondacks ('11). This year the bikers will cross the Alleghenies!

Work is now beginning on planning the ride. More bikers are welcome; drivers are needed. Alums are also welcome to join them on a bike for a day as they pass through your area, or for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. They will post their detailed itinerary as soon as it becomes available.

Join the Bikers from Mars!

To sign up or for information contact Roger Eiss. (