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Varshneya honored at Indian Ceramic Society meeting

A visit to his native India to mark the 75th anniversary of the Indian Ceramic Society brought recognition to Arun K. Varshneya, professor emeritus of glass science, Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering at Alfred University.

Invited to deliver the platinum jubilee lecture at the Indian Ceramic Society last month,
Varshneya also represented the American Ceramic Society, conveying its greetings to mark the anniversary by hosting a luncheon.

Gerresheimer Glass LLC of Vineland, NJ, feted Varshneya at a dinner in his honor. "During the dinner, I sang Hindi songs to the sheer delight and amazement of the nearly 450 guests," Varshneya said.

The Agra news media "caught on to the fact that Agra was my birth city," and that resulted in an article in Danik Jagran, India’s leading Hindi newspaper’s regional edition. The article called Varshneya "a crown among stars," and said he is one of "the 25 top stars of Agra who have brought much prestige to Agra’s name worldwide."