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Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology hosts research symposium

More than 130 people attended a joint symposium sponsored by the Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology (CACT) at Alfred University and the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at Clarkson University at the Woodcliff Hotel, Fairport, earlier this week.

Both research centers, funded by Empire State Development Division of Science, Technology and Innovation, focus their efforts on the development and processing of advanced materials for a variety of high-tech applications.

"Advanced materials - those designed with specific properties to meet the demands of a particular application - drive the development of new products today," said Matt Hall, director of the CACT.

Keynote speaker was Charles Craig, senior vice president for Science & Technology and director of Administration and Operations, Corning Incorporated.

The symposium allowed representatives of companies to hear what researchers at the two schools are working on, and how the strengths and expertise of the faculty might complement the firms’ own research and development initiatives.
Company representatives also described how they work with the Centers on research projects.