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AU artists invited to perform at NYC concert

Peer Bode and Andrew Deutsch,  professors in the School of Art and Design  at Alfred University, will perform as members of the Carrier Band in a concert at the Stone in New York City at 8 pm Saturday, Aug. 25.

Their performance is part of a two-week concert series curated by Pauline Oliveros in conjunction with artistic director John Zorn. A composer, Zorn operates the Stone, which the New York Times calls the “vital East Village musical laboratory.”

Deutsch (synthesizer, voice and electronics) and Bode (voice and vocoder, an electronic musical instrument created by his father Harald Bode, a pioneer in the field) founding members of the Carrier Band, will be joined by Rebekkah Palov (computer-generated sound) to perform an “invisible sculpture” using a variety of instruments, including the Bode Vocoder, shortwave radio, and hand-made electronic instruments, as well as recordings from the Harald Bode Archive and unpublished recordings to Oliveros. Deutsch will also be performing shortwave radio, modified television, and live data set mixing comprised of early electronic compositions by Oliveros and GRM software-produced sounds.

Deutsch is a visual and sonic artist whose work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of Art, the Robert Rauschenberg Gallery and the Central Academy of Art, Beijing, China. His sound works have been published by Deep Listening Productions, SIRR, Lucky Kitchen, Elevator Bath, AND/Oar, IEA and Anomalous Records. Deutsch is owner of Magic If Recordings, which are distributed world-wide by Art Into Life, Japan. The term “electro-dynamic drawing” was developed by Deutsch to describe his work, which he also refers to as “invisible sculpture.”

Bode is co-founder of the Institute for Electronic Arts at Alfred University. He has produced a large body of work at the Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY, and has exhibited extensively in New York City, Europe and Asia. Recent exhibitions include the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, and the New York Electronic Arts Festival. Collaborations and projects include “Movements for Video, Dance and Music” with Meryl Blackman, Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane and the Susan Ray documentary on Nicholas Ray, “Don’t Expect Too Much,” 2011 Venice, New York Film Festival. He was guest editor of “Tellus#17” audio magazine.

Palov works in sound, video and objects for screens. She was a member of the early 90’s DC and Olympia punk scenes where she played bass guitar in project bands. Her sound compositions have been programmed at SoundFjord Gallery, London, Digital Art Weeks, Zurich, and SoundLAB, Cologne. Her research on Harald Bode – a pioneer in the field of electronic musical instruments – includes museum exhibitions and serving as guest editor of “CEC eContact! 13.4

Deutsch’s and Bode’s appearance during the concert series is the latest in a series of collaborations with Oliveros, a composer and pioneering sound artist. It began in 1996, when Oliveros was a visiting artist for Freshman Foundation for first-year art students at Alfred University. Following her lecture, they traveled to Buffalo to perform with Don Metz at the University of Buffalo.

Oliveros returned to Alfred in 1998 when Carrier Band was formed; they performed the world premier of her work, “Primordial Lift,” in Buffalo. Deutsch was a member of the Deep Listening Institute Board of Directors from 1998-2001, and has been a member of Oliveros’ advisory board since 2001.

The Institute for Electronic Arts at Alfred and Oliveros’ Deep Listening Productions have published four compact discs and one book.