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Inamori Kyocera Museum wins design award

The architects and engineers for the Inamori Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics at Alfred University have received a second award, this one from the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York).

Wendel Duchscherer Architects and Engineers, a Buffalo-based firm that does architecture, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and structural engineering consulting, received a silver award for “excellence in the category of building/technology systems” from ACEC New York at its 45th annual gala.

Peter T. vom Scheidt, a licensed professional engineer with Wendel, will present the award to Inamori Kyocera Museum at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Museum, located on the second floor of Binns Merrill Hall.

“A great amount of planning, analysis and engineering goes into repurposing building spaces for an alternative use. For the Inamori Kyocera Museum we were able to take all of the systems/utilities that were spread throughout the space and consolidate them into one spine, invisible to users of the space,” explained vom Scheidt.

“Since the end result of successful, quality engineering of building systems is not normally visible, it is unusual and greatly appreciated when this level of design is recognized”, said vom Scheidt.

“We are delighted to receive this second award recognizing the quality of the museum and the talent and hard work of Wendel Duchscherer,” said Linda Jones, vice president for Statutory Affairs at Alfred University and head of the College of Ceramics. “Additionally, the faculty and staff of the College of Ceramics should be acknowledged for their contribution in developing the vision and mission of the museum.  The Inamori Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics is a unique space that captures both the materials technologies and aesthetics of advanced ceramic materials that are responsible for today’s communication revolution and engineering applications in extreme environments.”

Earlier, the Museum received highest honors for interior design in the annual Design Excellence competition, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Buffalo/Western New York chapter.

The Museum was dedicated in a May 2011 ceremony that featured Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder and chairman emeritus of Kyocera Corp., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-tech ceramics. The “fine” ceramics showcased in the Museum are engineered materials designed for cutting-edge applications in science and industry.

“The Inamori Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics plays an important role in educating the public, young people in particular, about the vital role of ceramics in the future economy, in areas ranging from information technology to medical devices, diagnostic systems, industrial equipment, renewable energy and environmental preservation,” said Alfred University President Charles M. Edmondson at the dedication ceremony.