AU Press Releases

A new AU magazine for the New Year!

Sometime during this holiday season the latest edition of your Alfred Magazine will arrive in your mailbox. We hope you take some time to browse through the issue and then read how some fellow alumni are “keeping good company” as they attend to their daily tasks in the same workplace, or learn how artist Chris Gustin ’77 has found “A special Alfred reconnection.” There are also two feature articles you won’t want to miss: “AU – ‘Ever Our Home’ chronicles the Alfred legacy of the Fasano family, while “In the Shadow of War- AU, 1861” will take you back to what it was like on campus during the Civil War. The Magazine also includes the usual campus news updates, and, of course, there are pages of Class Notes to peruse.

If you can't wait for your hard copy edition, you can take a look at the magazine at: