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Professor 'Framing New York' with July installation event on Governors Island

D. Chase Angier, associate professor of dance at Alfred University (AU), will present an installation/event of “found” choreography on Governors Island, NY, daily from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., July 12-27.

“Framing New York,” offered through her company Angier Performance Works, will be “found” on the lawn between Castle Williams and Building 114 on the island.

The work will consist of a 14-foot-by-10-foot minimalist, white, wooden frame and 10 simple, white, Adirondack chairs set in front of the frame set on Governors Island. These objects, strategically placed, will create an installation through which audience members will view the naturally occurring composition: the architecture, water, pedestrians, bikers, boats, nature, light, movement – “found choreography.” How long the participant decides to sit and watch is up to him/her.

This live, pubic artwork will capture the image of the city in motion and invite audience members to spend the time to see, contemplate, and perceive their city deeply in that moment – to rediscover or mark “their New York” and their place in this city that is changing every moment.

This project is part of a larger “Framing Series” which began with “Framing Edgewood Farms,” exhibited in June 2012 at Edgewood Farms in Upstate New York. Each work in the series is site specific and asks a different set of questions depending on the site, but all of the works investigate place, found choreography, and a shared public experience.

Technical Director for “Framing New York” is Zach Hamm, technical director for the Performing Arts Division at AU.  He holds a master of fine arts degree in technical theater production from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a bachelor of arts degree in architectural studies and art from Connecticut College, New London.

The “Framing New York” project is supported, in part, by Alfred University and the Herrick Gallman Foundation, as well as previously by the New York Film Academy and a New York State Council on the Arts Special Opportunity Stipends grant administered in Western New York by the Cattaraugus County Arts Council.

Angier, artistic director of Angier Performance Works, creates and performs site-specific performances, performance installations, dance-theater, and walking performances. These works have been performed internationally (Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom) and nationally (New York, California, Washington, Vermont, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama). To learn more, more, please visit:

Angier’s work has been reviewed as “intelligent entertainment,” “a comic romp,” and “fine storytelling” by The New York Times and The Dance Insider.

She lives and works in both Brooklyn, and Alfred. She earned a master of fine arts degree in choreography from The Ohio State University and a bachelor of arts degree in dance from UCLA.