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Alumna appointed president, CEO of NYC lab-grown diamond retailer/wholesaler

Gemesis Inc., New York City, a leading retailer and wholesaler of lab-grown diamonds, has appointed Lisa (Solomon) Bissell, AU Class of 1988, as its new president and CEO. Highly regarded in the diamond industry with 26 years of experience, Lisa’s appointment to this principal role within Gemesis represents the company’s vision to set new benchmarks for the Grown Diamond industry.

Of her appointment Lisa said, “I am honored to be working with Gemesis. We already have an incredible product and now we need to create a team that can best represent this product to the industry. We have to work to bring harmonious co-existence to various diamond categories, with an aim to benefit the consumer, along with the people and communities who are such an important part of this industry.”

Lisa. Highly regarded in the diamond industry with 26 years of experience, is committed to promoting transparency within the Grown Diamond industry and is recognized for her business ethics and fair practices.

During her extensive career, including 19 years with M. Fabrikant & Sons, Lisa developed proprietary brands for manufacturers and worked with prominent jewelry designers to offer consumers dynamic and unique new products. Major customers have included warehouse clubs, national and regional department stores, and mid-sized chains.

Gemesis Inc. is a privately held company. Founded in 2013, it is the principal distributor of Type llA gem-quality grown diamonds and grown diamond jewelry in colorless and fancy colors.