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Alumnus/professor ’61 contemplates President Obama’s place in history

Gary Ostrower, AU Class of 1961 and University professor of history, recently wrote an article which reviews the current issues on President Obama’s “plate” and how they may ultimately determine his place in history.

“My hunch is that historians will be a lot kinder to President Obama than we are in 2014. We’ve had presidents who have faced major-league crises — think Lincoln in 1861 or FDR as he battled both The Great Depression and the expansion of fascist Germany and Japan. However few presidents have faced so many crises at the same time,” his piece, which appeared in the Hornell Tribune, begins. To read more, please visit:

Currently the Joseph K. Kruson Distinguished Professor at AU, Gary is an active member of both the academic and local community. He teaches diplomatic history and is the author of “The United Nations and the United States" (Twayne Publishers).