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Yohe ’09 takes firm to ‘Dinosaur Island’

Tyler Yohe, AU Class of 2009, is the founder of the family friendly video game publishing studio, Broken Crayon Games.

“My role as game publisher is to handle the ‘business’ of game development, such as contract negotiations, monetization, public relations, and marketing, and much more,” he explained.

The company’s most recent venture is “Dinosaur Island,” a simulator designed to both entertain and educate players about balancing ecosystems through the use of dinosaurs!  The title was created by Dr. Ezra Sidran, who previously won the Codie Educational Game of the Year for his similar 1988 title, “Designasaurus.”

“Our goal for this title is similar to that of games like “Oregon Trail” and “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” in that we plan to license ‘Dinosaur Island’ to schools, libraries, and other educational institutes in order to help education, while also selling personal copies for those excited about playing the game at home,” said Tyler.

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