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AU Student to Compete in Design/Build/Fly Project, Thanks to a Visiting Prof

Dr. Seong-Jin Lee

Dr. Seong-Jin Lee

AU students will participate in the AIAA international Design/Build/Fly Project for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) this year, thanks to a visiting engineering professor here at AU.

Under the guidance of Dr. Seong-Jin Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, students will be joining more than a hundred other teams to compete in Tucson AZ this coming April.  Students will match a plane they designed and built against those of the other teams. 

The planes will be evaluated on three points: a ferry flight; a transport flight; and a payload flight.

As a teaching assistant, Dr. Lee helped students from Oklahoma State University successfully compete in 2009 and 2010. The two teams from OKState placed first and second each year. 

Both the plane development and travel to compete are expensive, and the team is seeking outside funding accordingly.  The CACT is sponsoring the team with $1,000.  More is needed.

Dr. Lee received his PhD in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Oklahoma State University this past August.  The dissertation is entitled:  Development and optimized path planning and autonomous control system for return-to-point vehicle of high altitude ballooning. 

He received his Masters in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Cornell University in 2007 and his Bachelor of Science in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Hankuk Aviation University, Gyunggi, South Korea in 2002.

Dr. Lee has been flying model planes since he was a boy.  Even then, it was usually the planes of his friends, as they were expensive.