Summer Arts Courses for Credit

Summer 2022

Art courses in Art & Design + Performing Arts in Ceramic Art, Dance, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and more offered during our summer term for college credit.


  • The application deadline for Painting and Drawing in Düsseldorf is April 18, 2022
  • The registration deadline for Session I & Session II is April 8, 2022

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Summer Term Information
New York State College of Ceramics (NYSCC)
School of Art & Design

Painting and Drawing in Düsseldorf: Aug 8-Aug 26 (Study Abroad) 4-Credit Class (Application Deadline: Apr 18)

  • Art 200: Painting and Drawing in Düsseldorf, Germany with Taylor Keister – This course takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since the founding of its art academy in 1773, Düsseldorf has been a leading center of painting. Students will discover the city through field trips and assignments that explore the art, architecture, landscape, and culture of Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas. Drawing and painting on location and in the studio, students will create work based on their travels, studies, observations, and experiences. A range of drawing and painting techniques and conceptual approaches will be addressed.

Painting and Drawing in Düsseldorf Details

  • Please note: the dates of this study abroad course are August 8th - August 26th; the dates listed on the application form are for internal administrative purposes only.
  • This program costs $5,265 and includes:
    • Tuition and fees for ART 200 (4 credits);
    • Apartment accommodation (with kitchenettes) for the duration of the program;
    • Excursions to Berlin and Leipzig, including hotel accommodations, transportation, and museum passes;
    • Round-trip flight from JFK to Duesseldorf;
    • Group welcome dinner;
    • Group airport transport for your arrival in, and departure from, DUS airport;
    • International Emergency Medical, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage.

Session I: May 16-June 3 (M-F) 4-Credit Classes / In-Person M-F 9am-4pm (Registration Deadline: Apr 8)

  • ART 284*: Drawing: Analyzing Nature with Kathy Vajda – This course covers both technical and conceptual aspects of drawing through the investigation and analysis of natural forms. Subjects range from found objects in nature to microscopic materials, the landscape, and the human body. Emphasis is placed on integrating technical mastery of the visual elements of drawing with expressive content, while working with a wide variety of materials. Fundamental drawing and visual language skills are stressed. This course fulfills the drawing requirement. Prerequisite: Completion of an Art Foundation Program or permission of instructor.
  • ART 200: Animation and Print Media with Maria Villanueva – In this course, students will learn the basics of 3D animation software, 3D cameras, splines, textures, and exporting 2D images into Photoshop for retouching and printing large scale.
  • ART 200: Methods in Mold Making with Margeaux Claude – This is a hands-on course in all things plaster. Basics methods in mixing, forming and soaping plaster will be taught. Techniques in single and multiple part mold making for vessel and found objects will be explored. Slump molds, frosting methods for large scale molds, molds for jigging and turning plaster will all be demonstrated. The class will be adapted to accommodate all levels of experience but some experience in or general knowledge of ceramics will be helpful.
  • ART 200: Advanced Photography and Mixed Media with Mollie McKinley – For advanced students who have begun to develop a personal photographic style, and have a good technical foundation of image making and printing. We will push your ideas further both within the frame and into the three-dimensional realm, integrating still images into sculpture and installation.

Session II: June 6-June 24 (M-F) 4-Credit Classes / In-Person M-F 9am-4pm (Registration Deadline: Apr 8)

  • ART 285*: Digital Drawing with Gali Greenspan – This course promotes an approach to drawing using digital formats that push the concept of computer beyond its status of "tool". We approach the computer as a creative partner seeking answers to the questions most appropriate for its use in drawing. Newly developed technique and vocabularies will be explored, including raster drawing, micro marking, pixel displacement, wave set processing, gradient manipulations, spectral graphics, autopoiesis, non-destructive editing, data base collage, aleatoric composition, tweening animation, video still frame manipulation, and serialism. Traditional drawing tools are used alongside experimental approaches. Prerequisite: Art Foundation Program (ART 101/102)
  • ART 200: See Through: Glass Imaging with Rebecca Arday – This course will explore various glass-based image making processes including drawing and painting with enamels and powders, sandblast resists, and kiln firing processes for fusing layered images. Emphasis will be on developing a methodology of experimentation and testing. These techniques will be utilized to investigate conceptual ideas as a means of personal expression.
  • ART 200: Ceramic Cold-Working Techniques for Surface Decoration and Manipulation with Cory Lund – An Introduction to a range of “cold-working” techniques for manipulating already-fired ceramic materials and objects. Methods will include wet-sawing, sandblasting, and waterjet cutting. Starting with 2D drawing experiments with commercial tile, students will be supported in exploring the full 2 or 3-dimensional potential of the processes, materials, and concepts that most interest them.
  • ART 200: Storytelling and Narration: a Studio Practice with Isabel Monti – The picture plane has an immense capacity to hold a story. As artists and storytellers, we must ask ourselves how to get our story across. This course will explore how the materiality of paint and drawing can be a part of the story telling as well as, what is visually important to narration.
  • ARTH 300**: Global Contemporary Art Since 1989 with James Hansen – (MTWTh 10am-2pm) This course tracks the “global turn” in art history and within contemporary artistic practice since 1989. This course will pay particular attention to international artists who closely observe these changes as they relate to race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, and nationality. Ultimately, this course confronts the demand to be “global” and “contemporary” and asks how/where contemporary art and contemporary artists are to be located in a globalized world with supposedly unfixed boundaries.

*Classes may count for required Drawing Classes
**May count for upper-level Art History requirement

Session I & II Details

  • Cost per class is $1,422 tuition plus studio material fees.
  • Studio fees are in addition to tuition fees. Please contact instructor directly for syllabi.
  • Expected on-campus housing >$500 per week
  • ART200 studios count as elective credit only for BFA majors. Courses may count as arts credits for NON-art majors. Any art major wishing to take for studio credit must request a special waiver from the Dean's office. Please note studio fees are in addition to tuition fees. Please contact instructor directly for syllabi.