Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing): From Fundamentals to Applications

Monday, July 19th - Thursday, July 22nd
Application Deadline: June 30th

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The Program:
Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is an emerging technique for direct conversion of 3D computer aided designs into physical objects using a variety of approaches. AM technologies are simple and flexible processes that allow for the creation of very complex and customizable 3D objects in just a few process steps.

In this course you and other students (ages 15-18) will learn the importance of additive manufacturing (a.k.a. 3D printing) and its huge role in global product development and innovation. You will develop a rich knowledge of 3D printing technologies, devices, capabilities, materials and applications. You will learn the trade-offs between various 3D printing processes and technologies. You will explore the broad range of 3D printing applications, including biomedical, aerospace, consumer products, and creative artistry, to mention a few. And finally, you will learn the latest trends and opportunities in 3D printing.

Professor Junjun Ding is an Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Alfred University.

You will attend classes and discussions via an online, virtual platform. Further information, including a detailed program schedule and online platform details, will be sent upon acceptance.

The cost is $100. A deposit of $50 is required.

How To Apply:
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Acceptance Next Steps:
The program director will evaluate all applications and determine who will be accepted. Acceptance and non-acceptance notifications will be sent via email. Once campers are accepted, they will be directed to pay the camp tuition and will be provided with the official schedule and online platform information. Any questions should be directed to Junjun Ding.

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Day 1: Introduction of 3D printing industry and related technologies

  • This covers an overview of 3D printing software, material, printers and postprocessing techniques.

Day 2: Design for Additive Manufacturing

  • This provides a working knowledge of how to develop, implement and optimize designs for different strategies in additive manufacturing.
  • Students will have a chance to virtually visit the AM facilities in Alfred University and learn different 3D printing processes through demos.

Day 3: Selective AM technologies and their fundamental theories

  • This includes fundamental theories of extrusion-based processes, photopolymerization processes, powder bed fusion processes, and binder jetting processes.

Day 4: AM applications in biomedical, aerospace, consumer products, and creative artistry

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