Introduction to Fibers - Structure

Monday, July 19th - Thursday, July 22nd
Application Deadline: June 22nd

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The Program: 
Students (ages 15-18) will learn three fibers techniques during a 4-day course resulting in samples of each technique as well as a culminating sculpture. More than just an arts and crafts camp, students will be introduced to the intricacies of knitting, weaving, and macramé techniques as well as their storied histories. During this class, students will be introduced to fibers and textiles artists working after WWII until today. This material and historical exploration will result in a cumulative sculpture combining the three fibers techniques.

Madeleine Willis-Lorenz is an artist, educator and Alfred University Master of Fine Arts candidate.

I am a graduate of the Tyler School of Art with a BSEd in Art Education, a minor in Art History, and a Community Arts certificate. I currently teach art 1 classes to 10-12th graders at Olney Charter High School. For the past two summers I have worked as a teaching artist in various community centers in Philadelphia. I have worked with 3rd-12th grade artists at the Village of Arts and Humanities, facilitating a variety of painting and printmaking projects. Additionally, I have worked with 3rd-12th grade artists at the Community Center at Visitation in Kensington, facilitating various drawing, sculptural, and installation projects. I completed my student teaching at Parkway Center City Middle College in Spring 2018 and completed my internship at Christopher Columbus Charter School in Fall 2017. At Parkway, I taught 4 art 1 classes, 2 art 2 classes, and an AP 2D Design class. Additionally, I participated in an afterschool film production class with a group of art 2 students at PSTV, the school district's student TV station.

You will attend classes and discussions via an online, virtual platform. Further information, including a detailed program schedule and online platform details, will be sent upon acceptance.

The cost is $100. A deposit of $50 is required.

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Acceptance Next Steps:
The program director will evaluate all applications and determine who will be accepted. Acceptance and non-acceptance notifications will be sent via email. Once campers are accepted, they will be directed to pay the camp tuition and will be provided with the official schedule and online platform information. Any questions should be directed to Madeleine Willis-Lorenz.

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Teacher will introduce artists and work applicable to that day’s technique (i.e. Sheila Hicks and Lenore Tawney before introducing weaving technique). Teacher will walk students through the technique for that day (day 1- knitting, day 2- weaving, day 3- macrame, day 4- cumulative sculpture) and ask for questions. On days focusing on individual techniques, students will be asked to explore the technique and then use that technique to create a free-standing sculpture of their choice. The teacher will show how to include found objects into the material, whether knitting, weaving, or macrame. On the last day, they will be asked to create a freestanding sculpture that utilizes all three techniques and includes found objects. (1 hour)

Work time: Students will work through each individual technique or on their cumulative sculpture. Teacher will meet students in individual break out rooms, and in group breakout rooms throughout the 3 hours work time.  (3 hours)

 Wrap Up: The group will view the work of each student created throughout the class and do 2 minute “quick crits”. The teacher will reiterate the technique or techniques learned previously and what is expected the next day.

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