International House

International House

  • Residence Hall

A special interest residence for international students, the house was acquired and renovated by the University in 2005. The house provides a family-like atmosphere for students from other countries studying at Alfred University.

Statistics and History

  • Special interest housing for international students
  • 1 double room
  • 12 single rooms
  • Dining area with two full tables
  • Game room
  • Laundry facilities

About this Facility

The International House and Alfred U's international programming provide an opportunity for American students to interact with international students in a dynamic, multicultural setting. It affords a unique cross-cultural living situation that increases students' knowledge about major current events, basic cultural information, and unique practices from around the world. Students experience a wider diversity within their social network and learn about themselves in a larger cultural context.

Located at 9 Sayles Street, on the south side of campus, the International House lies on the outskirts of campus. However, conveniently located near Herrick Library, Alumni Hall, Powell Campus Center, the apartments, and the Wellness Center, it is easily accessible to campus life.