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Summer Arts at Alfred

Beginning June 26 and building on the tradition of the Alfred community's lively art scene, Summer Arts at Alfred has something to offer for anyone seeking hands-on creative growth.

Beginning June 26, Summer Arts at Alfred has something to offer for anyone seeking hands-on creative growth.

This summer features week-long workshops ranging from indigo dying, painting, ceramic science, and printmaking, to hip-hop, somatic movement, and podcasting; all led by a cast of internationally recognized artists.

Summer Arts at Alfred will include the arts festival Making Meaning in an Uncertain World, from July 10 to 16, directed by Dr. Stanzi Vaubel, who joined Alfred University this winter. The festival serves as a creative incubator for individuals across all disciplines to interact with internationally renowned artists in a masterclass setting. Visiting artists will lead daily morning and afternoon classes; nightly salons will be open during the evenings.

Participants will have the opportunity to create side-by-side with distinguished guests and emerging artists throughout the week and participate in the creation of original works. The festival will culminate with a parade of handmade illuminated lanterns, serenaded by music and dance.

Workshops and festival masterclasses are open to all levels, from novice to professional. Nightly evening events during the festival are free, open to the public and family-friendly. Housing and catered meal plans will be available for workshop and festival participants. Rooms also will be available at the Saxon

Schedule of Events:

Sunday July 10, 6-9 pm

Opening Night Party

Cohen Center for the Arts, “the Cohen Barn”

Lantern making with George Ferrandi

Live Music by The Badgeman + Emerging Artists

Monday July 11, 7-9 pm

Creating an Open System with Festival Visiting and Emerging Artists

Miller Performing Art Center

Tuesday July 12, 7 pm

Commedia Dell’arte and Other Influences, with Jasmine Nagano (piano) and Ana Kim (cello)

Susan Howell Hall

9 pm

Selections from the Light Matter Film Festival curated by Eric Souther and James Hansen

Village Bandstand

Wednesday July 13, 7 pm

How to: Slow Down: Music by Thelonius Garcia, Choreography by Melanie Aceto, Writing by Vincenzo Di Nicola, joined by emerging artists: Michaela Neild, Dominic Giambra, and Adalia Pemberton-Smith.

Miller Performing Arts Center

Thursday July 14, 7 pm

A Letter from the Treetops + Dance Party: Performance and music by Jesse Chandler with collaboration by visiting and emerging artist. Follow by a DJ set with John Lewis

Cohen Center for the Arts, “the Cohen Barn”

Friday July 15, 8:30 pm

Be Coming Birds: Parade artwork designed by George Ferrandi, music by Kathy Kennedy. Choreography by Sandy Silva

Main Street followed by a performance at the Village Hall

Village Hall

Saturday July 16, 6 pm

Making Meaning in an Uncertain World: Choreography by Melanie Aceto, visual / installation designed by Bill Gilbert, music by Jonathan Golove with Matias Homar and Bill Sacks

Cohen Center for the Arts, “The Cohen Barn”