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This Week in the Arts 9/23-9/30/22

On campus, public Arts events in the School of Art & Design + Performing Arts Division September 23 - 30, 2022. All events are free and open to the public

On campus, public Arts events in the School of Art & Design + Performing Arts Division September 23 - 30, 2022. All events are free and open to the public

6-8pm Friday, September 23 Turner Gallery Receptions:

Hold My Body, Hold My Breath Avery Smith

Hiraeth: a vague and constant desire for something that never existed or has been lost; to feel a deep incompleteness and recognize it as familiar; the love that stays after something has been taken. Hold My Body, Hold My Breath is an exploration of childhood grief, loss, and the urning for home through fiber-based media and poetry.

K-I-S-S-I-N-G prints and other works on paper by Ana Alexander

6pm Friday, September 23 Sculpture Unveiling Allen Way

Unveiling of "Fallen Sky" by Professor Coral Lambert during Family and Homecoming weekend. Professor Lambert is the International Sculpture Center's 2022 Educator of the Year Award recipient. the large scale sculpture will serve as a reminder of her prestigious award for years to come.

"Fallen Sky" is being placed at the intersection of art and engineering on the Alfred University campus on Allen Way in front of Binns Merrill Hall.

The Outstanding Educator Award is given annually by the International Sculpture Center to honor inspiring, influential artists who have taught sculpture at institutions of higher learning for 15+ years and have sustained exemplary careers as professional artists.

Recipients are valued by students and colleagues as mentors for future generations, are recognized nationally and internationally for their significant artistic production and their significant contributions to the field.

on view through September 24 Glitch Dolls Harland Snodgrass gallery Harder Hall

“Glitch Dolls” is a multi-channel video installation piece exploring the intersection of digital fashion and glitch processing techniques. The artist was inspired to create this series from a love for collecting vintage Ken Dolls. "I wanted to play with modeling the dolls and their clothing, taking textures I created using different glitch processes. To create the textiles, I used digital and analog glitch methods including: analog video feedback, datamoshing, sonification, and creative coding. The dolls and their clothing are meant to evoke fantasy and the potential of digital fashion."

Micah Alhadeff is a 3D and glitch artist who explores the anatomy and “DNA” of digital representations of the body using glitch processing techniques. He uses 3D programming combined with augmented reality and virtual reality as both the tool and subject of these investigations. Alhadeff has shown his work at Colorado State University and Front Range Community College, and he has presented his scholarly investigations about clothing and queerness at the Denver Art Museum. Micah exhibits and sells NFTs of his work on, a cryptocurrency art marketplace on the Tezos blockchain. His collections have been featured in curated digital exhibitions of rare NFTs including “Can’t Touch It!” Alhadeff is an MFA candidate at Alfred University in Electronic Integrated Arts.

7pm Wednesday, September 28 Weekly Wednesday Arts Speaker Series: New Faculty: Patrick Brennan, Anthony Nguyen, Jonathan Ziese, Nando Alvarez Nevins Theater

11am Friday, September 30 IDEA Lab Book Club 2nd floor Harder Hall with Victoria Walton

7:30pm Friday, September 30 Guest Artist 12 String Guitarist Neil Jacobs Miller Theatre

World renowned guitarist, Neil Jacobs returns to the Alfred community with a 3-day residency and performance featuring his unique brand of World Music. Neil will lecture to the Cultural Competency in Music course on Wed. Sept. 28 at 3:20, and is and will present a Bergren Forum at 12:10 in Nevins Theater, Thursday, September 29th.

Neil's personal experiences performing in refugee camps in Bosnia and the Balkans following the Balkan War inspired him to study the treasured Sevdalinka music of Bosnia. He caught the attention of Bosniak writer Edib Kadic in Sarajevo who conducted an extensive interview, which led to a five page STAV Magazine article on Neil Jacobs published in Sarajevo in 2020. The article outlines Neil's diverse musical history and explains how he became fascinated by Sevdah music.

In the galleries:

Cohen Gallery Open Space: BIPOC Residency Exhibition 2022 through October 3

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery Frequency/Chronology by Luftwerk through October 9

Alfred Ceramic Art Museum Casting a Legacy William Underhill through December