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Alumnx Anjali Srinivasan displaying work at CMOG

A glass sculpture by Alfred Alumnx Anjali Srinivasan ‘02 (BFA) is now hanging in the Corning Museum of Glass as a selection by CMOG’s Rakow Commission, which was inaugurated in 1986 to support the development of new works of art in glass.

Srinivasan’s sculpture is a large wall of broken glass mirror that, according to CMOG, “senses the presence of its viewers, acknowledging them by moving in a way that subtly mimics their breathing.”

“Six feet tall and four feet wide, the sculpture has a skin of mirrored glass that looks as if it has been battered. Radial impact cracks spread through the surface, breaking the glass into thousands of tiny shards. Because they are made of blown glass, each shard is slightly curved, creating thousands of convex mirrors that break and miniaturize the viewer’s reflection. The viewer almost disappears when standing still in front of the piece, while the curved mirrors amplify every small motion."

The sculpture was commissioned in 2020. It is being displayed the Museum’s Contemporary Art and Design Galleries.