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Exhibition by alumna Sharone Putter ’00 opens in Columbus, OH, gallery

Current artwork by Alfred University alumnus Sharone Putter ’00 is included in an exhibition that opened Wednesday, Jan. 10, at the Sarah Gormley Gallery in Columbus, OH. Putter, who earned a B.F.A. degree from Alfred in 2000, has work in an exhibition titled “Demarcations,” which features mixed media paintings.

The exhibition, on view through Feb. 10, 2024, is open to the public, Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m., and by appointment.

Putter’s art pieces, many of which depict construction sites, are intentionally left partially finished, ensuring that the sites continue to embody an element of potentiality, which in turn activates the viewer’s imagination. The exhibition depicts workscapes as a departure point, exploring the symbolic markers humans use to physically differentiate an area from surrounding areas.

Headshot of Sharone Putter
Sharone Putter ’00

“It is the still-unfinished, under-construction aspect of workscapes, the potential that lies in that which is yet-to-be-revealed, that triggers my creativity and sets me on to those narratives I portray,” Putter said. 

“The ‘demarcations’ are created from vitreous enamel on copper, and then attached to the 2D artwork. At times, the final positioning takes longer than creating the whole rest of the artwork,” Putter said.

Demarcations is a metaphor for the invisible boundaries we set in our own lives,” she explained. “While it would be a laborious process to reposition the enamel parts, it is possible, resulting in completely different art. This truth mirrors a person’s ability to re-form themselves by shifting their invisible boundaries.”