Applied & Experiential Learning

The Alfred University Applied and Experiential Learning Program (APEX) will allow juniors and seniors to apply for up to $1,000 in funding to engage in work experience and study/research opportunities to enhance their career decision-making, increase their opportunities after graduation and inspire them to find their passions in life.

Are you a junior or senior looking for funding to help with your work, study abroad, or research experience? Consider applying for APEX! The application can be accessed through Handshake. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Questions about experiences that count for APEX funding or about the application? Email the APEX Coordinator, Logan Gee, or call the Career Development Center for more information.

Through APEX, you will:

  • Transform a good education into an extraordinary education
  • Provide a peak experience and new perspective
  • Receive funding which will extend your ability to participate
  • Gain a highly valued experience that will make you more competitive in job markets and with graduate schools
  • Refine your desired career fields, and be inspired to find passions in life, whether career-related or personal

General Criteria:

  • The activity is structured, intentional and authentic
  • The activity requires a supervisor, professional advisor, or mentor
  • The activity requires a structural reflection, self-critique, assessment, and documentation

Which activities will be eligible for credit, if they fit the criteria?

  1. Work experiences:
  • Internships: minimum of 45 hours with a maximum duration of one year, with the same organization.  This can include certain preapproved campus employment experiences.
  • Co-ops, as defined and coordinated by Alfred University.
  • Clinical placements (e.g. Athletic Training) and practicum experiences (e.g. Student Teaching).
  • Apprenticeships:  minimum of 45 hours with a maximum duration of one year, with the same organization/artist. 
  • ROTC
  1. Study and Research: 
  • Off-campus study, as approved by Alfred University.
  • Undergraduate research.
  • Service Learning classes as designated in Banner.
  • Capstone projects: minimum of 45 hours with a maximum duration of one year, with the same organization/project.

APEX is Alfred University’s new applied and experiential learning initiative. During our first two pilot years, we will provide 200 juniors and seniors with a $1000 award for one experience. After the pilot program, the award is for $2000, for all juniors or seniors, who apply with a qualifying experience.

  1. Goals:
    • Provide additional ways for alumni and friends to engage with Alfred University by bundling existing internships/projects into the APEX brand, and/or allowing you to utilize AU students for currently unbudgeted internships or projects
    • Help all Alfred University students take advantage of transformational opportunities outside the classroom.
    • Enhance students’ career decision-making, increase their opportunities after graduation, and inspire them to find their passions in life.
    • With APEX, students can feel better about saying “yes” to unpaid opportunities. The award can be used toward transportation, housing, food, professional clothing, or equipment and supplies.
  2. Types of Experiences:
    • In order to qualify for the award, an experience must fall under one of the following categories:
      • Work (internship, co-op, or project-based experience of at least 45 clock-hours)
      • Research
      • Study (study abroad or study away programs)
  3. Employer or Supervisor Responsibilities
    • Site supervisors are expected to oversee students’ work and ensure both the quality of the learning experience and the work produced. The applied learning activity should have hands-on, real-world context.
    • If you do not have funding available to pay student interns, the APEX program allows you to create an impactful unpaid experience for which an AU student could apply for an APEX award. For example, an art alumnus could design an unpaid apprenticeship and post it with the CDC as an APEX experience. Students would then know they need to apply for APEX funding if they want that experience.
  4. How to list your opportunity with us:
    • If you already offer a paid internship, co-op or research opportunity:
      • Post your position with Alfred University on Handshake
      • Encourage the student that you hire to apply for an APEX award.
    • If you want to create an unpaid position:
      • Connect with the APEX Coordinator, Logan Gee
      • Write a position description, use “APEX” in the job title, and post it on Handshake
      • The student you hire must apply for an APEX award in order to fund this opportunity
  5. Student Responsibilities
    • Students will go through an application and approval process to ensure that the experience qualifies.
    • If employers already provide internships or research opportunities, then the student must choose whether or not they want to apply for an APEX award to go toward the experience.
  6.  More Information:
    • Connect with us for more information or to discuss how companies, employers, and alumni can support APEX.