Applied & Experiential Learning

The Alfred University Applied and Experiential Learning Program (APEX) will allow juniors and seniors to apply for up to $1,000 in funding to engage in work experience and study/research opportunities to enhance their career decision-making, increase their opportunities after graduation and inspire them to find their passions in life.

The countdown begins! Are you a junior or senior looking for funding to help with your work, study abroad, or research experience? Consider applying for APEX! The application goes live July 1 at noon and can be accessed through Handshake. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Questions about experiences that count for APEX funding or about the application? Email the APEX Coordinator, Logan Gee, or call the Career Development Center for more information.

Through APEX, you will:

  • Transform a good education into an extraordinary education
  • Provide a peak experience and new perspective
  • Receive funding which will extend your ability to participate
  • Gain a highly valued experience that will make you more competitive in job markets and with graduate schools
  • Refine your desired career fields, and be inspired to find passions in life, whether career-related or personal

General Criteria:

  • The activity is structured, intentional and authentic
  • The activity requires a supervisor, professional advisor, or mentor
  • The activity requires a structural reflection, self-critique, assessment, and documentation

Which activities will be eligible for credit, if they fit the criteria?

  1. Work experiences:
  • Internships: minimum of 45 hours with a maximum duration of one year, with the same organization.  This can include certain preapproved campus employment experiences.
  • Co-ops, as defined and coordinated by Alfred University.
  • Clinical placements (e.g. Athletic Training) and practicum experiences (e.g. Student Teaching).
  • Apprenticeships:  minimum of 45 hours with a maximum duration of one year, with the same organization/artist. 
  • ROTC
  1. Study and Research: 
  • Off-campus study, as approved by Alfred University.
  • Undergraduate research.
  • Service Learning classes as designated in Banner.
  • Capstone projects: minimum of 45 hours with a maximum duration of one year, with the same organization/project.


APEX Applied and Experiential Learning