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Once a fraternity house, this turn-of-the-century Victorian house was converted to an art gallery on the first floor, Cohen Gallery, with apartments for visiting artists and faculty members on the second floor. In a newly constructed building behind the house is Cohen Studios, housing Freshman Foundation studios and wide-open, flexible spaces for various projects.

History and Statistics

  • Constructed: circa 1890s
  • In Honor of: The Cohen Family
  • At this venue:
    • Cohen Gallery
    • Visiting artist apartments
    • Freshman Foundation studios

Cohen Center for the Arts and Cohen Gallery were created by the generous gift of Michele and Martin Cohen, parents of Adam Cohen, Class of 2003.

Cohen Gallery exhibits the work of Alfred University alumni, faculty, and visiting artists. The Gallery provides Alfred University students with hands-on experience in arts administration, community development, marketing and public relations, design, and management. Students assist in all facets of the exhibitions, from designing the space to preparing promotional materials and acting as docents during the shows.

Cohen Gallery seeks to create opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni to engage in the professional activities of curating and organizing art exhibitions from the ground up, thus providing valuable experience in the business aspects of art. Cohen Gallery also provides a supportive environment for exhibitions that serve regional constituencies, such as regional arts councils, public schools, and exchanges between regional art programs at the university level.

Exhibition Information

This Fall, Cohen Gallery is shaking things up a bit.

The exhibition space is now two exhibition spaces and a SHOP. One exhibitions space- called Locals, features 3 week rotating exhibitions by local Alumni artists. The other space, yet to be named, features exhibitions by alumni artists residing further away, dedicated in large part to curatorial projects and solo exhibitions. Lastly, the Cohen Gallery announces the launch of a small SHOP, featuring the work of some of our most well-known artists. Fall in the SHOP features ceramics by Cory Brown, Anne Currier, Andrea Gill, Matt Kelleher, Matthew Metz, Shawn Murrey.

The Cohen Gallery office also offers bubble wrap, foam, boxes and packing materials for the shipment of artwork for discounted prices.

Fall 2019 Exhibitions at Cohen Gallery

Won't You be My Neighbor? Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. and Cassandra Bull

Exhibition poster

August 22 - October 4, 2019
Reception: August 30, 4-7pm
Artist Talk: Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. August 29, 5pm, BMH 106C

Curators and Alfred Alumni, Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. and Cassandra Bull, present a collaborative, community-based exhibition.

Won't You be my Neighbor? was conceived by Stevenson, who wanted to break down the divide between Alfred University/ Alfred State College and permanent Alfred community members through the making of art. Both Stevenson & Bull regard their college experiences as being significantly enhanced and molded by interacting with residents beyond the academic structure. At its core, Won't You Be My Neighbor? pairs current Allegany county residents with student or recently graduated artists practicing in the Alfred region. Throughout the summer, over fifty paired community members and artists spent time forming relationships; together sharing stories, learning about each other's lives, and ultimately coming to regard each other as friends and neighbors. The artists created artworks collaboratively about/with/for their new "neighbor" which commemorate the summer experience - on display at the Cohen Gallery.

Related Programming: free and open to the public *unless otherwise noted:

  • S. 8/2, 11-3 Meet and Greet Tomato Festival at the Alfred Farmers Market, Alfred Village Bandstand.
  • Th. 9/5: 5pm Alfred CommUNITY Sand Robbers and Brian Saltsman Brainstorming and Planning session for community mural Cohen Gallery.
  • Th. 9/19 Ice Cream Social during the Alfred Art Walk in partnership with the Alfred Clay Collective. Ice Cream from Stewarts Farm. Bowls by ACC. Cohen Gallery.
  • T. 9/24 Cooking Class with local produce from Living Acres Farm at the Community Table, Powell Campus Center. *tickets required
  • S. 9/28 9am-5pm National Good Neighbor Day "Mike" Kenyon Park Re-Sealing Community Project in Conjunction with AU, A State, and Houghton College Celebrate Service/ Celebrate Allegany.

Coming Up

Allegany Artisans logoLocals Allegany Artisans
10/1 – 10/26
Events: Reception 10/17, Art Walk 10/17, Artisan Tour 10/18-20

Matt Underwood in Memorial
Events: Reception: 10/17, Art Walks 10/17 and 11/21

Local Harriet Bellows
11/5- 11/26
Events: Reception 11/7, Art Walk 11/21

Locals Holiday Sale Alfred University Art Clubs

Holiday Sale Alfred State Students
Events: Reception 12/12, Art Walk 12/19

Locals Megan Parry and Mei-ling Hom
Events: Reception 1/9, Art Walk 1/16

Events: Reception 1/24, Art Walk 2/20

Locals Robin Howard
Events: Reception TBD. Art Walk 2/20

Mikola Haleta and Jamin Kuhn
Events:Reception TBD, Art Walk 3/19

Locals TBD
Events reception TBD, Art Walk 3/19

Install 3/6-3/11
Strike 4/4-

MFA Thesis exhibitions up through 5/16 both spaces
Events: April 11, April 18, April 25, May 2, May 8 (commencement May 16), Art Walk 4/16, Commencement 5/16

Locals: AACS student show curated by Amy Powers
Events: Reception TBD, Alumni Weekend 6/5-6/7, Art Walk 6/18

Alumni Exhibition
6/5- 8/7
Events: Reception 6/5, Alumni Weekend 6/5-6/7, Art Walk 6/18. 7/16, MostArts

Local TBD

Local TBD

Solo Jonathan Faber
8/27 -10/9

Local EIA Celebrating 20 Years: Tammy Renee Brackett, Constance Ehmann, Mikola Haleta


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Cohen Studios

Home to studio space dedicated to Freshmen Foundations students, Cohen Studios provides a wide open, versatile space for a variety of works of all shapes and sizes to be created and presented. Bright, young artists are introduced to the space as part of their orientation and is leveraged throughout the first year and beyond. Cohen Studios provides a significant amount of the over 126,000 square feet of studio and classroom space available to art and design students.

In addition to its use as dedicated studio space for first-year art and design students, Cohen Studios is also frequently the preferred venue for senior thesis exhibitions, art shows, performances, and receptions. Cohen Studios is conveniently located on the same property as Cohen Gallery.

Contact Information

The Cohen Center for The Arts & Cohen Gallery
Director & Chief Curator
Caitlin Brown
School of Art and Design
2 Pine Street, Alfred, NY 14802