BFA Thesis Exhibit

Mia Bagnall


Artist Statement

I put high value in the appreciation of mixed media art processes and how I have adapted it to my own artistic mediums. I am gravitated to pattern and texture which lead me to combine aspects of woodblock prints and ceramic art into one. My art work has a conversation with one another in a two dimensional and a three dimensional format. In my print processes, I have been working on printing on fabric to add more movement to my illustrations as well as working with the idea of light. However, when I am transitioning my drawings or prints to ceramics, I feel like they are like clothes that we wear each day to express ourselves. To combine these two mediums, I use my woodblock tools onto my ceramic pieces to add a printmaker’s mark making onto the ceramic surface. The idea of positive and negative space create dimension in these collage-like pieces. The work is created to be vibrant and grab your attention with the mixing of different patterns. I want others to see how I perceive the world through my eyes. I create pattern filled drawings that translate from a digital platform to a physical form.