BFA Thesis Exhibit

Emily Bernier


Artist Statement

Everyday I am learning to navigate the world through a broken connection. My relationship with my father has changed as I've grown in age and we have become distant. These photographs represent the sentiment that comes with a complicated relationship 
Throughout these photographs I am getting to know my dad in a different context and showing my personal experience. A part of my practice includes taking long walks which allows me to tap into my emotions, be in the present moment, and reflect. I try to transcend the subject of my experience through metaphor. Intertwining tree roots become my disordered thoughts and the chaos surrounding our relationship. The metaphors show how worn down and lonely I have felt while dealing with this entanglement. This body of work has become a means of communication, using my camera as a way to bond with my dad. Although things have changed as I've grown into an adult, I am learning to accept my dad for who he is. The process let me find peace in our current relationship and helps me recognize that my dad is a human trying to find his way in this world.