BFA Thesis Exhibit

Gregory Buck


Artist Statement

I aim to draw the attention of viewers with imposing artwork.


Throughout my entire experience of making art, I've never really had the intentions of having meaning or certain messages with my work.

Does artwork need to have meaning?


I am more passionate about the technical aspects of making, the processes, the material, the information, the end product.

I constantly want to improve my skills and knowledge in efforts that each end product is noticeably exceeding its predecessor.

The processes are not always gracious, but I learn to respect them.

Experiencing all the things that happen during the processes, the ups and downs, make the finished work so satisfying.


Precision is a recurring word I have used when I am asked about my work.

Precision, and also detail, is what I relentlessly aim to use when I make my pottery and or implement in my drawings for prints. I personally find it essential to have precision and detail when trying to make eye-catching work.

The viewers don’t have to understand or know about the processes, it's more of a personal experience for myself. I just want to make enjoyable art that is pleasing to the eye and displays my skills and can represent my passion for making art.