BFA Thesis Exhibit

Isabella Condorelli


Artist Statement

I draw inspiration for my work from varying sources in the natural world. Fluid forms and movements such as cloud formations, morphing sea creatures, a murmuration of starlings, or the flow of water down a stream, inform my current practice. Fluidity and elegance in nature call forth the graceful movements of dancers. As they move, their limbs extend beyond their bodies, implying lines that continue into the space around them. All of these things exhilarate me while simultaneously bringing me a sense of serenity. 

I work primarily in glass because it is a material that lends itself well to creating fluid, dynamic forms. It can be pulled, pushed, and shaped in a myriad of ways, recording the physical movements of the maker. Transparent glass magnifies, reflects, and distorts the surrounding environment, much like water. My work captures the sense of movement, the color, the play of light, and the duality of excitement and tranquility that I perceive in moments of wonderment. I turn towards making objects that bring me a sense of joy and peace, especially in challenging times. My work offers each viewer opportunities to experience serenity and exhilaration, elegance and grace, movement and stillness.