BFA Thesis Exhibit

Emily Fedorchak


Artist Statement

Within current work, elements of ceramics and printmaking are juxtaposed in order to convey the complexity of interpersonal connections. While the functionality of ceramics is viewed as a necessity to my practice, the illustrative range of print and mixed media provides possibilities that push for fluctuation of the form. Sketched memories of loved ones eating comfort foods are then construed into decisions regarding the ceramic body. Food being a communal aspect to one’s social life, the content of these drawings are not directly translated to the form. Instead, the outline of a shoulder, condiment cups, or hat rim is the potential influence of a more geometric shape. These influences are then translatented via rim alterations, handle lines, and glaze application techniques. Knowing the source of the original outline, it is not as important for the viewer to connect the dots as it is to help me generate more designs. 

Material decisions are made based upon what each media will add to the concept. Raw, fired clay is often the foundational hue which in contrast to other, more colorful media, symbolizes an individual. Also, many of the glazes consist of a single material such as sodium bicarbonate which flashes the surface and is also just a fancy name for baking soda. Due to the reaction the clay has with the surface of the fired glaze, this represents one’s individual influence on another. I am often drawn to glazes which flash the surface. Transformation occurs when another enters one’s way of life, and advice, whether warranted or not, is transpired. Because coping mechanisms range in levels of unity and solitude, these dueling concepts continue to fuel future works. 

Single Fire Cone Serving Bowl Click to view Single Fire Cone Serving Bowl Full-Screen

Erin’s Vinaigrette // Single fire, cone 6 oxidation, thrown serving bowl, with handbuilt tongs // 6 x 11 x 11 inches