BFA Thesis Exhibit

Alyssa Fiumara


Artist Statement

Through painting I depict a mixture of self portraiture and the personification of vessels and leaves. I use these paintings to express the paranoia that comes along with anxiety and depression. Sometimes the anxiety is more subtle, other times it feels like it's all consuming. I use eyes as motifs in my work to convey a sense of staring.

I use paintings as a form of self reflection and experimentation. I use myself to convey messages about anxiety because I have firsthand experience with how it feels. Depicting myself in my paintings whether abstract or representational is important to my work. It makes how I paint more personal. Working large allows experimentation with oil paint, gamsol and other materials like wax medium. I use bright colors and neons to oppose the subtle violence of decapitated bodies and heads. From these body parts comes whimsical leaves. These leaves often have gamsol drips personifying and activating them.