BFA Thesis Exhibit

Monet Harris


Artist Statement

My work is the physical manifestation of my subconscious. A place that stands in as a spiritual temple as I sleep, a self-fabricated reality by my dreams. With each recollection I have, these realities are rebuilt with a specific process. I utilize video and painting as they allow me to create this tangible fabrications of my dreamscapes. To maintain the energy and vibration that my dreams hold I begin with a digital process. I rely on this and the symbols of magic and mysticism to convey it's dreamlike quality. The digital process allows for a higher expression and sensibility for light and vibrancy depicted within my dreams. This aids in the constructed narrative of the figures and symbols presented in these environments. The figures and symbols are collected and connected through a process of digital collage. Blending and manipulating imagery together to display my subconscious messages and narratives. Each figure is a symbol of the feminine intuitive. An aspect of myself and my relationship with dream divination. These spaces exist as a calling for exploration and self-discovery. After I explore these theoretical spaces digitally I then prepare for what they will do on canvas. The materiality of paint produces something far more tangible. With that I keep the vibrancy and electric aura of the digital surface and maintain that on canvas. Once on canvas my dreamscapes take a life of their own. The scale of my paintings play a role in the impact it has on my life, as I spend much of my time dreaming. The imagery also plays with scale adding to the dreamscape quality. Some aspects of the imagery are grounding and seemingly connected with reality. While others are disorientated and are seemingly unrelated. 
My video works reciprocate the elements of light and color in the paintings. These vibrate at an elevated frequency on the digital surface. I explore auric fields and abstracted forms of figures and their relation to movement. My process of recording through a live feed and real time editing brings in an element of time that excites me. I find moments that occur as accidents that become intentional additions to my videos. Human auras that are often represented through radiant color are also associated with feeling and mood. The empathetic connection between color and emotion is something I present through both video and painting. Working between the digital rendered spaces and its ability to radiate intense light, with the physicality of painting and its sense of presence I am able to create a solid fabrication of my subconscious and dreamscapes.