BFA Thesis Exhibit

Chloe Kottwitz


Artist Statement

As I walk through the woods I can feel the earth give below my feet. I am aware of how grounded I am, how stuck I am to the earth’s surface, and thankful for the feet that transport me from one location to the next. With a glance from my toes to the clouds my eyes travel, skipping from one branch to the next until the sky fills my vision. There is no way to simultaneously see both the roots and the top of the trees. We forget about the vastness of the sky when completing daily tasks. We can’t comprehend the complexity of the roots as we pier through the gaps in the trees.

Neon offers the ability to mimic the magnificent. We walk through life only looking forward. By echoing organic forms with luminous tubes, I invite the viewer to change their perspective, to discover overlooked moments. This pause is an opportunity for the viewer to notice the brilliance of the natural world. To look up more often, to recognize the forgotten corners, and to see that the every day is powerful and true.

Moving Water // Neon, performance, video // 120 x 96 inches