BFA Thesis Exhibit

June MacArthur


Artist Statement

I’ve prepared for you all this spectacle of temporal manipulation. Conjured into existence through sheer willpower, dumpster diving, Soul searching, and soul finding, immense stupidity, and humility and willingness to learn.

A show so executive, it defies the dysfunction.

You’ll be blown away by the intricacies left horribly lacking, and general unfinished nature of the whole affair. Come one come all and see this tub I bought on ebay and mounted my own homemade metal cock as its shower head. Walls of color and light will twist your mind to new heights.

When I was thirteen I saw three white doves peck a crow baby to death in a mcdonald's parking lot and ever since then I’ve dedicated my life to making things that send signals that can't quite be comprehended.

If you understand my art work let me know what it means because all I’ve got is an oral fixation and a toothache.

No but really I think it’s just worth pointing out that life is as arbitrary as we make it. Maybe you don't need to hear it since you're so smart and all, but I bet someone does so when given a platform I will use it. Life is a series of decisions made partly in tandem with each other and depending on your level of mental awareness and cohesion. For some time loses meaning, sounds lose vibrancy, and a grey filter sinks over life. So then the response might be too verindulge in those things that once gave life meaning, to overreach yourself and fall. Then only pray that the cycle still has time left for you to swing to the top again, one more time, before being plunged into darkness, and the sort of uncomfortable feeling that feels so at home in your private spaces. Where you can hide away and categorize the world, give everything a name and a meaning and pack it away in a neat little box. And one day we’ll all end up in that box as well.

Framed watercolor print of abstract purple spherical shapes behind museum glass. Click to view Framed watercolor print of abstract purple spherical shapes behind museum glass. Full-Screen

Portrait of the mental Self: Still from (A trip) video on youtube // Maple wood frame, museum glass, watercolor print of video still // 8 x 16 x 2 inches, 2 lbs.

It’s a Sign // Video, Sound // 10:01

Life // Video, Sound // 8:54

We Interrupt this Program // Sound // 6:23