BFA Thesis Exhibit

Amanda Rivers


Artist Statement

In my work, I construct abstract fields of color, text, and imagery. Creating layers that overlap each other and fight to the top. Destroying and rebuilding the surface multiple times. Burying contradicting text into the paintings. Each artwork has a motive within them. I choose to conceal words and meaning, making the viewer dig to find it all. The viewer often does not get the full anecdote due to it being lost in the painting. Through my work, I want to convey a thought but obscure it at the same time.  Allowing this contradictory impulse to show itself in my paintings with layers and conflicting text.  

I want the viewer to spend time with my work. I want to create layers that they can go through to find more information. I don’t want to hand the viewer all of the answers, the viewer can take what they want from my work. They can go deep into them or take them at face value. I have the advantage of knowing the underneath of the work. In my work, I can divulge however much information. I create these works to have an interesting environment that can be investigated.