BFA Thesis Exhibit

Ethan Samaha


Artist Statement

“From our initial encounter with the world to the end of our days, pure light is the first and supposed last recollection our physical bodies experience”
- Hannah Stouffer 
Through the use of minimal installations, I delve into the phenomenology of light as a material. The presence and absence of light within space and the interaction of the viewer are explored.  
Informed by light color theory and historical theatrical colorways, I assemble neon in clusters to create immersive installations that explore architectural space. Each environment bathes the viewer in saturated color and light. The experience of the installation differs amongst audience members in terms of color and depth perception, but will also change as the participant navigates throughout the space. 
My work pushes the boundaries of perception in the physical space, increasing spatial awareness. The duality of dramatic saturated environments and their subdued counterparts confronts the individuals’ understanding of light and space.
Detail of the slightly bent tube in Red, Red, Red, Clear. Click to view Detail of the slightly bent tube in Red, Red, Red, Clear. Full-Screen

detail of  
Red Red 
Glass, neon, red chain, 3D printed tube clips, Ventex transformer // 108 x 96 x 24 inches