BFA Thesis Exhibit

Ryn Sczudlo


Artist Statement

Painting is as much a bodily experience as it is one of the mind. It is as much a philosophy as it is a violent expulsion of the innermost thoughts. It is knowing when to dote upon the surface and when to start over with a clean slate. 
I have always struggled with how to transcribe my artistic thought process; how to mold my instincts into a palatable form; how to give the viewer something to digest.  
But, I have realized that I do not want my work to be merely swallowed. I want it to be sour -- or perhaps overly sweet. Maybe both. Either way, it should be a shock to the senses. It will draw you in, but it will drive you out as well.  
The landscape is something that remains tangible in these works. And while it is in grasp, as you reach for it -- something falls short. Because to use the word “landscape” to describe the space is not all encompassing. It is the presence of a human within this space that defines it; how they mold, shape, and alter it by simply interacting with the world around them.  
This is one of many reasons why I view these paintings as portraits.  
But, I do not mean to describe these as portraits in the traditional sense of the word. They serve to represent a person -- these endless complexities that come with being human. For, in the paintings, some forms may be easily understood, but many will leave you guessing. Quiet subtleties in form make you lean in. Fields of color make you step back.  
What I’ve come to understand about human relationships is that it always comes down to this push and pull. Knowing when to embrace and knowing when to give space. The understanding that though you may not understand them fully, you can still see their beauty, their promise, their intricacy -- but you can also see their brush strokes, their mistakes, the history behind the paint. 
And you love them for it.  
And sometimes, you hate them, too. 
Sometimes you don’t know how to feel. 
But -- this is why these paintings exist. As a document of my relationships with the people I know … the people I’ve known.