BFA Thesis Exhibit

Sarah Turner


Artist Statement

Touch is one of the most profound senses we experience as humans. It is the first sense to be developed and is the fundamental way that we explore, navigate and understand the world around us. Touch is our primordial communicator that provides information and allows us to extend the reach of our boundaries. Discovering the softness within the rigid and creating invisible boundaries for one to ponder.  
One must touch to be touched  
One can only become singular after you have been plural 
We currently live in a touchless world, restricted in the ways we interact with one another. The absence of proximity to others and lost connection leads us to self reflection. The inside of the body is a vessel in which one has no direct sensory access to. These works invite the viewer to reflect on their own internal landscape. 
Sculptural and light based works provoke a sensitivity within the gallery space, exploring the body as a barrier and as a vessel, negotiating the lines between internal and external. By developing an abstracted vocabulary that dances in, out, and around the body. The work speaks to experiences and shared sensations that push our understanding of touch into new and unexpected places.