BFA Thesis Exhibit

Tyler Yocum


Artist Statement

Artwork in today age is constantly focused on us and the world we live in. Commentary on issues in many different areas being a majority of the topics. With so many issues in today's world, escape is something very tantalizing to me. My goal is to achieve escape through pure creation. Using space, objects, context, and feelings to obscure the perspective of reality.  
On a world where power is divided between The government and crime organizations with the line dividing them being very controversial. The World Wide Order desperate to maintain order in the world attempts to hurt the infrastructure of organized crime families and radical crime syndicates. Members of these criminal  organizations were disappearing left and right, these actions believed to be righteous acts to protect the people of the world. But actions like the removal of the death penalty that brought carbon freezing to light as an option for the punishment of these criminals. Gave the World Wide Order the ability to quickly silence theses criminals that are being captured. The agenda of the World Wide Order Is one created to control everything and everyone. Hidden truths known by few were the only things that threatened them. Truths that if are exposed would see to the destruction of the World Wide Order. It was only when whispers of people obtaining these secrets is when actions began to take place.