MFA Thesis Catalog

spring 2022

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Turner Gallery, & Online Below

MFA exhibitions from the Division of Ceramic Art (CA), Electronic Integrated Arts (EIA) and Sculpture / Dimensional Studies (SDS) are held on campus.  Painting MFA Alfred/Düsseldorf exhibitions will be held in Germany this spring, and a selection of work will be on view in the summer months in our galleries.

Exhibition receptions will be held on Saturdays from 6-8pm, with the exception of the last exhibition, which will open on Friday. An online catalog of graduate student work is posted here a week after commencement.

Schedule for Viewing Candidates Work
Date Candidates
April 9 Jackie Head (Ceramic Art)
Stephen Radley (Electronic Integrated Arts)
April 16 Felicity Machado (Sculpture Dimensional Studies)  
Margeaux Claude (Ceramic Art)
Crane (He) Zhu (Electronic Integrated Arts)
Noah Greene (Ceramic Art)
April 23

Jo Ngo (Ceramic Art)
Katie Fee (Ceramic Art)
Sam Wiechert (Electronic Integrated Arts)
Brady McLearen (Ceramic Art)

April 30

Henry Jackson-Spieker (Sculpture Dimensional Studies)
Mollie McKinley (Sculpture Dimensional Studies)

May 6

Tony Baker (Ceramic Art)
Cory Lund (Ceramic Art)