Equestrian Program
Equine Boarding

AU students may bring their own horses to school. A monthly fee of $500 is charged for full care boarding.

AU Equestrian facility
The Bromeley-Daggett Equestrian Center located at the Maris Cuneo Equine Park is a state-of-the-art equestrian facility within a five-minute drive of campus.

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Services provided

  • 14% pelleted feed
  • Feeding is done 3 times/day
  • Grass hay
  • Special feeding

    What Students Say...

    "Boarding at the AU barn is very convenient because it's only 5 minutes from campus, there's lots of riding time, and you get to use the equipment...if you want to jump your horse, you can use the jumps, or if roping is more your style, you can use the ropes and dummies to practice on."
    - Corey (junior)

    • Students wishing to use a different grain, top dress, or add supplements to the feed, must purchase these items and place them on our feed cart. We will be happy to feed them to your horse
  • Automatic waterers
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Daily turn out (weather permitting)
    • With gelding or mare herds in large fields or
    • Limited time in individual turn out if necessary
  • Daily arena time to ride your horse