Michele Hluchy

Environmental Studies/Geology
Donald Hagar Professor in Natural Sciences
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Environmental Science
  • Surficial Geology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Clay Mineralogy
  • Environmental Geology
  • Environmental Biogeochemistry
  • Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
  • Research Methods in Environmental Science
  • General Science for non-science majors
  • X-ray Techniques in Geology
  • Historical Geology

Research, Publications, & Presentations

Research & Publications

  • Clay mineralogy, effects of acid precipitation on watersheds, hydrogeology, aqueous geochemistry, soil science, undergraduate science education.
  • National Science Foundation Grant – Cross-Disciplinary Research at Undergraduate Institutions Program, 2005-2009, “Calcium Depletion in Adirondack Forests Affected by Acid Deposition and its Effect on Aquatic and Terrestrial Food Chains,” $975,807, with T. McKay, R. Fuller and R. April at Colgate University.
  • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Grant, 1999-2001, “Using a Geographic Information System to Identify Sites for Future Oil Production,” $71,297, (M. Hluchy, D. Sinton and A. Van Tyne)
  • Donaldson Foundation Grant, 2001-2003, $25,000 grant to support undergraduate research in Alfred University's Environmental Studies Program
  • Center for Environmental and Energy Research Grant (funded through the Environmental Protection Agency), 2000-2002, “Sulfate and Nitrate Dynamics in a Partially Developed Stream-Watershed,” $211,714, (M. Hluchy and G. McGowan)
  • New York State Environmental Management Investment Group Grant, 2000-2002, “Correlating Clay Mineralogy with Performance,” $150,000 (through Victor Insulators with W. Carty @ New York State College of Ceramics and Material Science)
  • National Science Foundation – Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Development – National Dissemination Program Grant, 2001-2006, “Disseminating Successful Strategies for Implementing Field Work in Undergraduate Science Curricula,” $713,803 (with J. Haynes @SUNY Brockport) plus additional $331,247 assessment and evaluation supplement (with J. Haynes @ SUNY Brockport, S. Millar, S. Daffinrud, M. Connolly @ U. of Wisconsin, R. Iuli @ U. of Rochester). Total project award: $1,045,050
  • Contract field sampler for Battelle Laboratories/EPA national air-borne dioxin program, 2001-2004.
  • Instructor, seventeen NSF-funded workshops to undergraduate faculty on teaching science concepts using environmental problem solving, 2001-present
  • Co-Coordinator, Alfred University Children's Learning Initiative Program
  • Hluchy, M.M., 1999, The value of teaching X-ray techniques and clay mineralogy to undergraduates: Journal of Geological Education, 47:3, p. 236-240.
  • Hluchy, M.M., 2000, X-ray characterization of clays, Proceedings, Science of Whitewares II, American Ceramic Society, p. 91-100.
  • Hluchy, M.M, and Greenberg, S.E. 2000, Personal Experiences with Undergraduate Research: the view from two academic "generations," Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, Sept. 2000, 37-39.
  • Hluchy, M.M, 2002, Interdisciplinary Grant Proposals – Writing and Reviewing Experiences with NSF's ILI, CCLI-A&I and CCLI-ND programs, Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, March 2002, 116-121.
  • Boersma, S.F., Hluchy, M.M., Godshalk, G.L., Crane, J.L., DeGraff, D. R., and Blauth, J.R., 2001, Student-designed, interdisciplinary science projects: placing students in the role of teachers: The Journal of College Science Teaching, 30:6, pp.397-402.
  • April, R.H., Hluchy,M.M., and Newton, R.M., 1986, The nature of vermiculite in Adirondack soils and tills:Clays and Clay Minerals, 34, pp.549-556.
  • Tellier, K.E., Hluchy, M.M., Walker, J.R., and Reynolds, R.C., 1988, Application of high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) to structural and compositional studies of clay mineral mixtures: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 58, pp. 761-763.
  • Walker, J.R., Hluchy, M.M., and Reynolds, R.C., 1988, Estimation of heavy atom content and distribution in chlorite using corrected X-ray diffraction intensities: Clays and Clay Minerals, 36, pp.359-364.

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