Brett Hunter

Associate Professor Sculpture
Sculpture/Dimensional Studies
School of Art & Design


  • BA: Kalamazoo College, 1996
  • MFA: Bowling Green State University, 1999


Brett Hunter lives in Hornell, NY. Through installations, public projects, and events he investigates place, memory, community, and provides a catalyst for public discussion. He teaches courses in research-based, contextual, and social practice in the Sculpture/ Dimensional Studies and Foundations Divisions in the School of Art and Design, where he is dedicated to bringing students out of the school and into the street. He is currently the director of the Hornell Community Arts Center and co-founder (with Angie To) of Broadway Union, an arts programming organization and set of physical spaces dedicated to linking artists and their work with the varied communities of Hornell, supporting committed citizens and their role in shaping the places they live.

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