Judy Livingston

Associate Professor Graphic Design
Expanded Media
School of Art & Design


Judy Livingston is dedicated to design as a catalyst for ideation, exploration, critical thinking, visual literacy, innovation, and craft. She believes that design is the synthesis of intuitive and rational processes, balancing creativity with intellect, and experimentation with intent.

Her research focuses on creative collaborations for positive societal change. She brings to every classroom the vast experience, management, and leadership skills gained in working with commercial enterprises, cultural institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Judy’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) in Rochester, NY, Gallery IANG in Seoul, South Korea, and the Rotonda della Besana in Milan, Italy.

Judy received her Master of Fine Arts degree summa cum laude from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI). Her education includes graduate study abroad at Kyoto Seiko University (Kyoto, Japan), workshops at the Basel School of Design (Basel, Switzerland) and at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies (Rochester, NY), and continuing, non-degree studies at the College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI).

Judy is a member of AIGA, the professional association of design, RAF, Rochester Advertising Federation, UCDA, University and College Designers Association, and Friend of ico-D, International Council of Design.

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