Community Service Learning : Students

Benefits of Service Learning

  • Students enrolled in service learning courses develop a deeper understanding of course content, leading to better grades and higher satisfaction with their courses.
  • The service learning experience can lead to stronger social networks with other students, faculty, and community partners.
  • Service learning provides students with an earlier career focus, more clearly defined career goals, as well as marketable skill.
  • Students enrolled in service learning courses often develop a stronger sense of self and higher self esteem.
  • The real-world experiences gained through service learning can help inform students' decision-making and enhance their employment potential.
  • Participation in service learning experiences results in greater involvement and integration into the Alfred community.

How to Get Involved
You can search for courses with a service learning component in Banner; if a course has a service learning option, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to participate. Contact the Service Learning Coordinator, Corey Fecteau, if you have questions about service learning or are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities in the community.