Dance: Create, Connect and Perform

Alfred University’s Dance Department fosters your creativity, curiosity, and imagination through the art of dance and dance making. You can bring dance into your academic experience - it is open to students of all levels, regardless of experience or past training. Interdisciplinary course offerings focus on composition, technique, performance skills and dance’s historical and aesthetic knowledge.


Campus Locations

Main Campus - Alfred, NY


none offered



Core Courses

  • DANC 120 Fundamentals of Dance
  • DANC 222 Modern I
  • DANC 230 Improvisation/Composition I
  • DANC 211 Dance History
  • DANC 270 Alfred University Dance Theatre (taken twice)
  • DANC 330 Improvisation/Composition II
    or DANC 331 Site Specific Composition (can be an elective

Electives in Dance (select 6 credit hours)

  • DANC 200 Special Topics
  • DANC 221/321 Ballet I and II
  • DANC 223/323 Jazz Dance I and II
  • DANC 224 Contact Improvisation
  • DANC 322 Modern Dance II
  • DANC 340 New and Existing Repertory
  • DANC 370 Choreography Practicum
  • DANC 450 Independent Study

Alfred University's dance minor is composition based and designed to develop artistry in dance making, performance and site specific performance. The program, open to students of all levels regardless of experience or past training, promotes excellence in dance, and encourages cross-disciplinary work with visual art, environmental studies, sound design, music, performance art and theater - drawing from strengths unique and specific to Alfred University. Students have many professional level opportunities to perform and engage with the larger dance world, including working with world-class guest artists, and performing and choreographing for AU Dance Theater. Through rigorous individual and collaborative explorations in dance, students develop skills that serve them as they pursue a variety of career and graduate school opportunities.

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