Undecided Engineering

Flexibility that allows you to make the most of your education

If you have varied interests in engineering but are unsure which you excel at or enjoy working with the most, consider exploring our Undecided Engineering option. The Inamori School of Engineering provides this option to students who are undecided as first-year students and allows them to discover the field of engineering that's the best fit for them.


Campus Locations

Main Campus - Alfred, NY


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Why Choose An Undecided Engineering Program Track?

Shared Core Courses

Complete the required Calculus, General Chemistry, and CAD requirements, among others, before declaring a major.

Exploratory Labs

Get hands-on experience across varied disciplines of engineering, allowing you to experiment and find the major that fits you best.

Supportive Faculty

Our faculty provide you with support and guidance throughout your first year, helping you to make the best decision when declaring your engineering major.

Faculty / Staff

We'll Help You Find the Answers

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