Undecided Students

Not decided on a major yet? It's Not a problem

Most students entering college don’t know exactly what they want to do. They know what they like, or don’t like, but they don’t know how to sort it all out and arrive at a major. Alfred University has a number of advantages for undecided students like you.

Personal Attention

With about 2,000 undergraduate students and a faculty-student ratio of about 1 to 12, you'll get the kind of personal attention you need to explore options.

Emphasis on Good Teaching and Advising

While many of our faculty members are internationally known in their fields as researchers, artists, writers, and leaders, their first priority is always their students. They are eager to help you and your classmates figure out what you may want to do and serve as mentors in choosing a major.

Uncommon Flexibility

Alfred University honors an interdisciplinary approach to education, and because we are a small institution, you have the opportunity to take courses in our four diverse schools and colleges. That means an art major who wants to take a biology course, a business student who is interested in art history, or an engineering student who wants to write poetry, can easily do so without a lot of paperwork.

Declaring a Major

By the end of your sophomore year, you should be ready to declare a major. But if your interests remain diverse and haven’t coalesced into one area, we can then work with you to develop an Individually Structured Major.