Class of 2018

At Alfred, we're proud of each and every one of our students for stepping inside their uncomfort zones and challenging themselves academically and as unique individuals. Take a look at some of our stars from the class of 2018 and their journeys beyond Alfred.

Kelsey Oliveira

Kelsey Oliveira | Valley Stream, NY

Major: Global Studies
Minor: Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, and Psychology

“I chose Alfred University because I knew from my first visit that it was unlike other colleges. I had the opportunity to experience a culture that was much different from city and suburban life. I also wanted to attend a small school in order to maintain the closeness between professors and peers. I will be spending the summer after graduation at Governors Island; I will be working with Art Force 5 to continue promoting its message of “creativity over conflict.”

Beryl Torthe

Beryl Torthe | Pretoria, South Africa

Major: Clinical Psychology

“I like to say that I didn’t find Alfred; Alfred found me! I was looking for a small liberal arts college on the East Coast and I admired Alfred for its commitment to social justice and its beautiful surroundings. After graduation, I’ll be pursuing my graduate studies in psychology at Columbia University’s Teachers College.”

Justin C. Fossum

Justin C. Fossum | Simsbury, CT

Major: Mechanical Engineering

“I wanted a good engineering program that allowed a minor in renewable energy engineering and material science and engineering. I have a full-time job at Corning Incorporated waiting for me after I graduate.”

Elvira Rodriguez

Elvira Rodriguez | Queens, NY

Major: Spanish, Social Justice Studies

“When I read my acceptance letter, I felt a sincere, personal connection. I knew it would be a drastic change from New York City, but I was willing to accept the challenge because I knew that great things would come if I joined the AU community. I have the amazing opportunity to intern with Art Force 5 in NYC after graduation. I’ll be doing community-based art projects, school outreaches and programs on Governors Island, as well as volunteering with different non-profit organizations.”

AJ Licata

AJ Licata | Buffalo, NY

Major: Finance
Minor: Accounting

“I came to AU to earn an excellent education while playing football and competing in the Empire 8 for National Championships. Following graduation, I will be working as an investment intern at Sgroi Financial and coming back in the fall for my MBA.”

Greg Lastrapes

Greg Lastrapes | Austin, TX

Major: Art History and Theory

“Alfred University has a long history of breaking new ground in art and materials research. Many of the central figures in American ceramic art and engineering are Alfred alum. My ceramics teacher in Austin, an Alfred MFA graduate, introduced me to the story of this university, and I have been eager to take part. Following commencement, I plan to work locally, furthering my studio explorations and assisting with curatorial projects while I complete my second degree in art history.”

Jamie Elena Kent

Jamie Elena Kent | Red Hook, NY

Major: Art and Design

“I came to AU because the New York State College of Ceramics has a diverse program that involves learning about a variety of media and lots of experimentation. I felt that Alfred University would be the most beneficial to my growth as an artist. After graduation, I’m moving back to the Hudson Valley to work in galleries.”

Jason St. John

Jason St. John | Duanesburg, NY

Major: Finance

“I chose AU because I really liked smaller class sizes. Smaller classes allow every student to get much more out of the experience and to be more than just a number in the room. I am currently applying and interviewing for jobs in NYC and Chicago.”

Logan E. Gee

Logan E. Gee | Dansville, NY

Major: English, Communication Studies
Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

“I chose Alfred University because it was a home for me from the very start, and it will stay a home for me until the very end. The community welcomes you; you’ll always find a friendly face and you can try new things without judgment. I plan on taking some time after graduation to relax and gain experience before continuing onto graduate school.”

Emma Oliver

Emma Oliver | Marblehead, MA

Major: Art and Design
Minor: Education

“Alfred University has amazing facilities and a wonderful community. People here are friendly and helpful in a way that I have not seen anywhere else. After I complete my education minor, I hope to become a public school teacher in the New England area.”

Nicholas Sugg

Nicholas Sugg | Lancaster, NY

Major: Accounting
Minor: Finance, Marketing

“I knew Alfred University would be more personable and would give me a greater opportunity to shine because it’s a small school. I love the rural setting, and the campus offers me a selection of different hikes that you could not get from a university in the city. I have some job prospects for after graduation, and I’m also looking to become certified as a CPA. I’d like to get involved within my local community again.”

Heather D’Andrea

Heather D’Andrea | Erie, PA

Major: Business Administration

“I knew that I would receive an amazing education and would also be given the opportunity to become a dual sport athlete at Alfred University. After graduation, I’m continuing my education in business and equestrian studies. I eventually hope to become the manager of my own equine facility.”

Dalton Cousin

Dalton Cousin | Sherrill, NY

Major: Athletic Training
Minor: Business Administration 

“I chose Alfred University because I wanted to become part of its successful athletic training program, and because Alfred encompasses a family environment. Following graduation, I am attending Georgia Southern University to earn a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Because I am employed as a teaching assistant, I will also be instructing classes in the Kinesiology and Physical Education department.”