Deposited Students

So you're going to be a Saxon! What next? We'll walk you through the steps one at a time.

Deposited Student Checklist

  1. Activate Campus Email Address
    All students have access to the University's computer network and receive an Alfred University email account. The first step after depositing is to set-up your campus email account. All AU communications will be sent to your new student email address so be sure you have access to check it often or get notifications.
  2. Celebrate at our Accepted Students Day
    Join us to celebrate your acceptance to Alfred University at our Accepted Students Day! Details coming soon.
  3. Residence Life & Housing
    Alfred University offers students several distinct living styles and communities. All residence halls are co-ed, either by floor or by room/suite/apartment (same gender in room). Bathrooms are designated male or female.
  4. Submit Required Health Forms
    Alfred University has a Health & Wellness Center right on campus. Learn more about the required Health Forms, Health Insurance and Immunizations needed before enrolling as a student.
  5. Register for Summer Orientation - Coming Soon
    You'll meet your classmates, professors and the staff and become more familiar with the University. Please note Alfred University students are required to attend one of our Virtual Orientation Sessions.
  6. Course Registration & AP/College Credit
    If you’ve taken AP courses or earned college credits, please request to have official score reports and transcripts sent to the Registrar’s office in order for courses to be evaluated for credit. Before your orientation, look at the requirements for your degree/major in the college catalog to see what your possible first semester courses could be. Be sure to review the how-to videos.
  7. Complete your Financial Responsibility Form
    This form is an electronic signature that accepts financial responsibility for the coursework you'll receive at Alfred University. Sign-in using BannerWeb using your Student ID. Once signed in, go to the "Student Services" tab and select "Look up Classes." Clicking this link will prompt the Financial Responsibility Form to pop up. Once that is complete, you'll be all set to register for classes.
  8. Register for Classes
    Our Academic Success Coaches from the Center for Advising, Mariah, Kassie, Xavier, Dillon and Nadine, will work with you from the time of your deposit through your first year at AU. This includes building and registering you for your first semester of classes once you have completed your Financial Responsibility Form. They will also be the key individuals that deliver our summer orientation to you.
  9. FAQs
    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for accepted students for answers to questions you may have, or call the admissions office at 800-541-9229.