Mud Lab Mondays

Mondays are meant for mud! Join our renowned engineering faculty and staff as they give demos, tour our amazing facilities and answer all your questions. (these virtual events are especially for our accepted students)

Spend Monday evenings learning all about Engineering at Alfred University!

Each event begins at 6 PM


April 19
Material Science - Everything is made of atoms. Scattering of strong laser light can tell us about vibrations of atoms and consequently we can learn about how the atoms are linked together. The demonstration will show the use of blue laser light to understand how materials engineers can devise coatings and complex materials that work better, last longer and improve day-to-day life...all based on bonding between atoms.

April 26
Mechanical Engineering - Transform designs and ideas into real life by applying research and development of components and systems that optimize performance and improve overall cost-effectiveness. Bring a well-engineered product from an idea to the marketplace, while ensuring the product is optimally designed for functionality and durability. Join us to see some of our student projects related to various industrial sectors.

May 3
Renewable Energy Engineering - The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is an important tool in understanding ceramic, glass and metal materials. We will show you how a SEM can be used to examine things such as insects, minerals and ceramics at high magnifications.