Thursday, July 22, 2021
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Official News/General Announcements
· New Phishing Experiential Learning and Reporting
· Motorpool Reservation Down Saturday 7/24 Due to Maintenance
· Herrick and Scholes Summer Library Hours
· Job Opportunity-Contract and Grants Specialist
· East Meets West: Dialogues between Chinese and Western Music
· Universal Design for Learning: From Theory to Practice
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New Phishing Experiential Learning and Reporting

Phishing and social engineering attacks are an increasing threat to the University. In ITS, we have implemented a wide range of technologies to prevent the vast majority of the phishing emails from reaching your inbox. Still, that does not prevent a few of these emails from reaching your inbox several times a month. An important layer of our protection is what is often called the "human firewall." Your educated and informed vigilance is one of last barriers of defense when external scammers have evaded all previous defenses.

With this collaboration, we have been largely successful in keeping the University safe from those who would steal our information and disrupt our educational and business processes. In ITS, we have provided educational opportunities as well as tools to help you discern phishing, spam, and malware attempts from legitimate email. The [EXTERNAL] tag in the subject line, among other tools provides an indication of which emails are coming from outside the institution and could potentially indicate a threat.

We have encouraged you to report phishing emails to the helpdesk. We understand that the process to report phishing emails is somewhat labor-intensive and disrupts other tasks. We are now making it easier to report phishing emails...a simple link (inside of Outlook) that submits your suspected email for review. The "Phish Alert" link (just above the body of the email-Please see attached) is one-click button to inform us of emerging concerns that could trick other employees. Look for the "Phish Alert" link in your Outlook email software soon.

Additionally, we have now enrolled all our users into an educational campaign that is designed to teach our campus users how to better discern and respond to phishing emails. On a regular, ongoing basis, we will send you emails (through a service called "Knowbe4") that appear to be phishing emails. When you spot these (or any suspected phishing email), report the email through the "Phish Alert" link. If you are tricked by the email (clicking on potentially problematic attachments or links), the system will let you know that you responded to a phishing email and show you how you can better discern future phishing emails. As we run through this experiential learning program, we are hopeful that we can further build our "human firewall." If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Helpdesk ( 607.871.2222).

Attachment: Phish Alert Link in Outlook

Submitted by: Gary Roberts

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Motorpool Reservation Down Saturday 7/24 Due to Maintenance

On Saturday 7/24, from 8 am - 6 pm, will be unavailable to reserve cars due to system maintenance at that time. Please plan accordingly.

Thank you for your patience as we update our systems.

Submitted by: Judy Linza

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Herrick and Scholes Summer Library Hours

This summer Herrick Library and Scholes Library will be open alternating days Monday-Friday.

Patrons are welcome to browse the stacks and enjoy the libraries vast collections of books, DVDs and periodicals. Please check in at the front desk before browsing.

Herrick Library:
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm

Scholes Library:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Submitted by: Mechele Romanchock

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Job Opportunity-Contract and Grants Specialist

Please see the link below for more information on the open Contract and Grants Specialist position.

Link: Contract and Grants Specialist

Submitted by: Tamara Green

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East Meets West: Dialogues between Chinese and Western Music

Coming right up is the sixth "East Meets West" monthly virtual concert and forum Wednesday, July 28 at 8 p.m., when our Zoom audience will have an opportunity to chat with violist Ling Yu, her husband, conductor and violinist Xun Sun, and host, Daisy Wu, Director of the Confucius Institute at Alfred University (CIAU).
This series is organized by CIAU and co-sponsored by the Performing Arts Division of Alfred University, the Music Department of China University of Geosciences, the Almond 20th Century Club Library, the Cuba Circulating Library, the Hornell Public Library, the David A. Howe Library in Wellsville, and the Wimodaughsian Library of Canisteo. Please go to, or scan the QR code at the poster to register this event for free.

Link: Register in Advance

Attachment: Event Poster

Submitted by: Arts Events

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Universal Design for Learning: From Theory to Practice

Participants of this workshop will leave with specific Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies and techniques they will be able to apply to one of their courses. Through interactive activities, participants will identify adjustments they can make to their syllabus and/or assignments that will help make their course more accessible to diverse populations. As such, workshop participants are asked to select a course they are teaching in the fall or spring semester to focus on throughout the workshop.

There will be two instances of the 2-hour workshop, one virtual (via Zoom) and one in-person on campus.

Participants will receive the Zoom link or location information following registration.

The sign up link for the virtual workshop is below. The sign up link for the in-person workshop will be available closer to the date.

Virtual Workshop: Thursday, August 5, 10am-12:15pm

In-Person Workshop: Thursday, August 12, 10am-12:15pm

Please submit your registration by end-of-day Tuesday, August 3 (virtual).

Link: Sign Up for the Virtual Session Here

Submitted by: Liz Shea

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